Facebook's New Algorithm - Aug' 2014

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What #Strategy must the brands now follow so that they are liked, followed and shared by fans?

New Facebook Algorithm Changes

  1. Facebook will now prioritize link posts over photo updates that have URLs in the captions
  2. Facebook will be devaluing click-bait headlines i.e. encouraging people to click will not be entertained by Fb.
So you as a Social Media Account Manager know what to do next with your posts UNTIL the next update comes from Facebook (they update there algorithms very quickly)


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  1. Thanks for the excellent source, obviously all sites need one button links to social sites but my question for you isis thats easiest for a newbie setting up his first wordpress website which has limited technical ability?
    Thank you Beforehand
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  2. These points will surely be convenient. I never seen Reddit as a stage to improve stocks and viewership. That's on me, but I will certainly start focusing on it.

    I'm wondering as with Tweriod. . .are there any other tools which help you understand best time to article on various platforms according to your followers? That may come in handy
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