Common Man - Sandwiched, Grilled and Consumed

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The common man is getting grilled. Sandwiched between the two political parties, one dived deep into corruption and irresponsibility towards the citizen while the other is drawing attention towards one religion, not being secular and showing dreamy development claims. 

And then we have one economist proudly coming on TV saying ‘I don’t want Narendra Modi as PM of India’. Is this not just a statement? Has he given any kind of solution to this issue? When asked that does he favour UPA, he said my statement does not mean endorsing UPA.

Hearing him yesterday on NDTV (clipping here) was actually funny. All of us are aware of problems but what is the solution. Why is media over hyping the Rahul-Modi issue?

Being an Economist of India, he is not expected to just become the limelight with one statement. If he has been a learned entity in the past, he must either come up with an answer to the problem that what should citizens of India do or should keep himself restricted from the media.

He should have researched well before to speak that Rahul Gandhi can be alternate PM, I mean as an Indian citizen we just do not want him to lead the country for we do not feel he is responsible for such a big task. In his speech he says - “He might be an excellent alternative, but I haven't decided yet." "Do I like Rahul Gandhi? Yes...He is from my college. When I talk to him, I enjoy it.” Though he also mentioned that this is not how the people of India should vote.

Can he be targeted as pro-UPA? Or anti BJP? I being a simple Indian national would just ask one simple question ‘how does that matter whether he is favoring UPA or anti BJP. He is just one common man who is trying to influence the countrymen. That’s it!’

The summary of this blog is as diluted as his statement and higher possibility is that maximum of us would not vote this year. All of us who feel that nation is deprived of a candidate that these goon filled parties are offering would not vote. All those who are hypnotized by the work of congress would vote on their behalf. Many who believe that Modi would be able to make a good PM considering various developments and his understanding despite his wrongly targeting a particular community would go on his behalf.  And as I wrote in my first line majority would as usual be ‘sandwiched and grilled’.

And the last line of this article from Business Standard is aptly written, people are getting submerged by the headlines given by the media rather than reading details about the facts.

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  1. True Neha, Common man is surely sandwiched and consumed by the political drama going around us.

    We can't proudly say one major political party is clean and would take the nation forward.