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Status on 18th Sept 2014: Issue Resolved by GOIBIBO.COM
Thanks to Social Media, the post received 400 views in less than 24 hours and my friends shared across Facebook and Twitter. I believe the crisis management and the customer care team of GoIbibo (Ms. Anjali, Head - Customer Delight and Ms. Aditi, Team Lead - Customer Delight) saw this spreading, responded at night itself, then called up politely in the morning. By afternoon, the issue was resolved and they have agreed to refund the money. I can only say - my beautiful friends, power of Social Media and a common people like us who dared fighting beyond made it possible.

Status as on 17th Sept 2014: Never Book Your Tickets Through GOIBIBO.COM
GOIBIBO is an extremely FRAUDULENT and CHEAT portal. Please beware before you book your tickets on this site. I am duped of Rs. 10,000. And you might be the next one so please read this incidence before you plan your itinerary with them.

Flight bookings for 1st wk of Oct from GOIBIBO 

We planned a trip to South Africa during first week of OCTOBER’14. While booking they were not accepting my Citibank card and the message was “transaction declined by the bank”. Upon calling the bank they said we have no records of the transaction being declined from this site and your card. 

SMS confirmation of failed payment
So why this ERROR message on their site. We tried 3-4 times but no success. Their ERROR message was also fake??

Error in Booking mail from GOIBIBO

After unsuccessful booking for the hotel in Cape Town South Africa  for the date selected as 4th Oct 2014, we got a message ‘UNABLE TO PROCESS THE BOOKING, DO YOU WANT TO TRY AGAIN?’ We pressed YES to continue. GUESS what, the transaction went through. BUT the systems automatically took the DEFAULT DATE  as 19th Sept. I SELECTED 4th OCT 2014, HOW THE HELL IT BECAME 19th Sept?? ISSUE in their WEBSITE that it takes default dates when you try to continue after unsuccessful TRANSACTION.

Wrong Hotel Bookings

We called them for this error within TWO MINUTES and they told us it is NON CANCEL-ABLE (IT WAS CLEARLY a CANCEL-ABLE BOOKING). We said ok, no issues, shift the dates to 4th Oct 2014 and we will do it WITHIN 24 HRS.

Mail Confirmation from GoIBIBO

It has been more than 3 days today and everyday there is mail or a message of negative response saying we cannot do it. NO REASON. Till date the rooms in that hotel is available at THE SAME PRICE but they are saying NO WE CANNOT DO THIS CHANGE and WE CANNOT even RETURN YOUR MONEY.

Our Mail to GoIBIBO

My question is simple to GOIBIBO - SHOULD I PAY for the FAULT in YOUR WEBSITE? IS there NO CUSTOMER CARE POLICY? Do you check their Facebook page; it is filled with such posts of FRAUD BOOKINGS. Did you CHECK that I CALLED within 2 MINUTES and email was sent within 10 MINUTES of the incidence.

By the way I was in touch with Mr. HARIT SAPRA as customer care person. I also got in touch with Mr. Ankur Srivastava, who apparently is Sr.Manager Operations, CRM, Fulfillment, Vendor management for Hotel, Holidays and FPH (As per his LinkedIn profile). But only one impression I got from these two men which is same as the organization–IRRESPONSIBLE, NON CARING and NO RESPONSE to multiple queries.
SMS to Ankur Srivastava

Last Mail from GOIBIBO

LAST MAIL I got said, we checked our system it works fine, so we will not be in a position to do anything for you. Does GOIBIBO even realize that I am booking entire International trip and would not lie for such issue?

BUT the ANSWER they want to hear is – THEY do NOT WANT customer doing transactions on their WEBSITE. They do not want business and that is why they offer such harassing and painful CUSTOMER SERVICE. #PATHETIC

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  1. You have written eloquently, with clarity and brevity.And you got the job done that is icing on the cake.
    Well done.
    You have grown up so beautifully and confident as a person ,no wonder your pappy maasi 's eyes sparkle when talking about you.
    I loved your photo with Rahul .
    All the best for your good blog,keep it up , and remain as spirited as you are now.
    By the way am too a foodie -- I love street food----, extremely fond of traveling and a voracious reader.
    With love n blessings
    Ashok uncle

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience of booking on goibibo I previously used to book on shopozo's goibibo offers page for my flight tickets.