Perfume Review - Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

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My bio says that I am a perfume lover and there is absolutely no doubt about it to anyone & everyone when they see my smile buying or getting one. The shape of the bottles, mystique associated with the notes and the freshness that stays with you.

Today, I review my recent possession - Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
Notes: lemon and cedar that makes the fragrance citrus and woody
Season: definitely a summer perfume and should be worn during day time.

One of the best aqua and heavy citrus tone perfume that has come my way after long time. And when I write heavy citrus, I mean 2-3 sprays overall and you are done for the day. It will give a feel of freshly squeezed lemon and sweet lime.
I personally love both the notes but if someone is occasional to citrus and has a preference of floral or sweet fruit or extreme wood then don't go for it. It is very strong and crisp as compared to Davidoff Cool Water or Michael Kors Sporty. I read 'it smells expensive' in one of the reviews on a popular perfume website, haha I clearly don't know what she means but yes there are bipolar views. Either people love it or just simply hate it. Being a popular choice, it also behaves different with different people. With me it stays the whole day but with many I heard it just disappears.

Price: upward of INR 4000 for 100 ml EDT, depends on the place of purchase (online or a shopping mall)

For all who want to feel fresh the whole day - this one is just perfect. It throws you back to those totally free humid summer days you spent walking on a white sand beach with a gentle breeze flowing. And I love this feeling :)


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