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2016 was a very unusual year for me. I cannot call it happy and I cannot call it sad. I bought a house in this year which was a really big achievement for us (Everyone as an opinion on rental and buying and I feel 'to each his own', whatever makes one happy in a longer run). We took a major risk and it was a period of testing times - big loans, savings all gone, the seller was very arrogant and shallow. There was zero travel due to the new house. Lethargy had set in due to constant pressure of saving, saving and more saving. Reading also became almost zero. Exercising and healthy lifestyle took a backseat because the juggle between office, the old house and the construction of new one took a toll on me.
Work became the only savior. It became my focus and I was spending more & more time & energy on my career.
Fun times with friends, colleagues and family were obviously beautiful.
And then came the month of December wherein I had a family wedding and after that back to back illness - Fever, severe back and neck issue and many other things. I was frustrated. Was it depression? - I don't know but whatever it was, I wanted to be out of it.

I was reading and surfing the internet on December 24 when I read these two quotes:

At the moment of truth, there are either reasons or results - Chuck Yeager

Those who don't want to change, let them sleep - Rumi

I chose not to sleep, dear Rumi and thus on December 25, I decided to put strict discipline and lots of fun back into my life.

Are they my resolutions for 2017? Maybe yes as far as I stay motivated on all of these:-

Stretch more
Move ahead, stretch myself at work, take challenging roles, learn-unlearn, explore new areas, teach, share and evolve continuously

Read one book per month
Putting a goal of one book per month is like putting a deadline. And I work best when there are cut to cut deadlines and pressure.
Buy or borrow will be the mantra. I already have a list of few books that are in the 'to-read' list. 

Write blogs
I love writing whether it is about digital marketing, brands, PR, perfumes, good ads, food recipes, travel and more. 
I learn so many new things everyday so why not share them at-least once or twice in a month?

Gain health - exercise and good food
1 hour cardio and some core strengthening exercise at least 4 times a week, controlling sweets ( a combination of punjabi and bania can never say complete no to sweets), eating lot of veggies, fruits, nuts and sprouts

Walking on a full moon nights, gazing stars, sitting in the balcony soaking some sun on a weekend, just walking miles, cooking or baking. What stops us doing these things when we grow up? Time cannot be blamed. I have already started doing some of these and will indulge more

India or abroad; beach or mountains; by road or by sea I want to travel. Small vacations and one big vacation (no harm visioning it). Rohan & I want to our travel and adventure to be back in our lives

Last but not the least

Meditate, do mandala, stay happy and spread love around

I wish happiness and peace to all :)



Images in the post are taken from Piktochart and then edited

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