Charity begins at Home with Education - A Social Cause

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Education is one social cause I truly support. With recent increase in Rapes/Harassment/Eve-Teasing/Dowry in the city, it is very important that education of the society is treated as whole and not a girl child or male child.
Resident of both a metro city and a tier II city, I can feel the difference in the mind-sets of people. There are three types of people (especially referring to the topic)
  1. Un-educated
  2. Educated but act like un-educated
  3. Educated and act wisely

Cause of worry is the type 1 and equally type 2. Type 1 is the roots of the bigger problems like Population, Poverty, and Rapes etc. however Type 2 are more vulnerable to the overall society because they give rise Dowry, Society show business and harassment etc.
Incidents like below are on rise: A bank executive staring a women customer
  1.  An educated family keeping too many societal pressures
  2.  An educated daughter in law ill-treating the family
  3.  An educated husband who does not incline with the working wife

And I can write more and more about these sensitive issues which we all are well aware. With the recent case of malfunctioning of a shelter home in Gurgaon, people have started to do charity at home.
A deed of my close relative who has adopted 4 young girls and provided lifetime education is more worthy to me than signing a cheque of lac for a sanstha.

If you can afford then do not look beyond your HOME – Give education to the children of your guard/driver/ office boy. They would always remember it for lifetime and you are contributing to a very large social cause which is affecting the Indian society.

And above all ‘Educate your kids’ – Give them exposure and let them experience the Job or Business. Never ever restrict their education to a level that they may never be able to think beyond what you think.
This blog is about a social cause I strongly support and has been written to dedicate it to ISB iDiya

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