FDI for Masses & Classes

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This topic has been doing rounds in the Parliament since so many uncountable days and I feel bad to see our Politicians throwing their anger with unpolished words and uncivilized attitude. One of them said "How would you expect a guy riding scooter to enter Tesco". We are very comfortable in our own shadow but still all of us riding scooter or driving cars like to go to Big Bazaar or Spencer or other retail outlets. This was a big change from our very own "Super Store". But we all accepted it right? Then why not more of it? From a common man's point of a view, this is the story which made me write all of the above and below.

"Hi, I am Dev. I am from the same tower, Flat 22. What about you" - This was asked by a 50 year old gentleman in the lift of my society who has been putting up in San Diego since past 20 years or more. He recently purchased one of the flats in our building and had come to see the situation along with his wife.

"Hello, I am Neha. I am in Flat 16 and put up in this house since 2 years along with my husband"
"May I ask you a question, if you don't mind - Where did you get this packet from". He saw a packet a Gnocchi in my hand and was amazed that it was available in India and general public is aware about it and eating it.

"Gnocchi" is a home-made pasta and I had tried it in Maldives. And since then I use to make it very frequently at my house. It is made from semolina (Suji), potato, egg and cheese. They are very soft dumplings and can be molded into any shape. They are generally available of the shape shown in the image.

"Le-Marche: Sugar & Spice but they are also  easily available in Big Bazaar, Easy Day".
He was taken aback. Completely surprised look on the face which made me curious to know that what was so special about a simple pasta.
"I never expected all these things will be available so soon in India". He replied.

I came back home to think about it in whatever I was doing. And I concluded (in my mind and now on this blog), that India is changing. People are liking that change. Development is the backbone of any country's growth. People want that change. It is making a nice perception to the other nations apart from the negativity we have drawn from poverty, population, pollution and corruption.

Don't we all shop from malls or at-least want to shop? Even they offer everything from Rs. 100 to as far as we can think. They are not different from common store. Don't we all want an investor for Kingfisher Airlines since that flight has served us like a king or a queen. And we want it back so that we all can fly with luxury.

Well, all the above was sounding like "Classes". If I think of "Masses" then even for them it is big opportunity. It will bring employment to many people from ground level to top class. A local superstore having two "chotu's" and one "Sahab" will be changed to at-least 10 staff, 2 supervisors, 2 cashiers, 1 store in-charge for a small modern retail outlet. Imagine, number of people for a big Easy Day or Spencer or SRS Value bazaar we visit. Also, some people get training such as how to speak in English or how to handle customers or even accounting at cash counter. Doesn't this all contribute to growth & development of the country.

It is just a thought and we may continue to debate over this for long in the sessions...

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