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For my love towards perfumes, my first blog is dedicated to the top fragrances a woman must have in her wardrobe or in the wishlist! I may talk with my interest, however just to give you a background about fragrances - there are many kind of tones. They can be floral, fruity, woody and oceanic (fresh aqua). And a piece of caution, do not jump over just the brand name - Try various perfumes under these brands and then choose what suites your skin. One more tip - While you may be given a paper strip when you try a fragrance, if you are in the process of finalizing the perfume, do try it on your wrist. The fragrance sometimes smells different from one person to the other & this is because of different skin types, weather conditions of the place etc.

To talk about few brands and then the perfume under would be appropriate, I believe. And here it goes - Chanel, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Davidoff, Dior, Issey Miyake, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Burberry. Am I talking about too dreamy brands.. Well to my knowledge, every women would indeed love to own at-least one of these in her kitty.
I personally like the below mentioned perfumes under these brands.  
  1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - Floral with mild citrus. Top notes are mandarin orange, while it gives you a touch of Jasmine in it. 
  2. Gucci Guilty - For a daring and sexy lady, this one is woody and floral mix. Pepper, Lilac and even peach is one of the tones when you apply this amazing perfume. (One of my favorites).  
  3. Ralph Lauren - When I talk about RL, it has to be "Romance" for sure. I still remember buying this bottle for Rs. 4500 when I completed my internship (first salary). Floral & musky are top notes  
  4. Calvin Klein Euphoria - Floral with a touch of citrus is the note. Sweet and fresh for summer mornings 
  5. Davidoff Cool Water- Fresh Aqua, citrus & fruity. It makes you feel the same when you dive into the ocean. Perfect for a day when you want to feel cool.
  6. Dior - The classic Dior perfume is J'adore. It is an old fragrance but it is being craved for its sweet floral & fruity smell 
  7. Issey Miyake Florale - My latest buy, Pink color, tall  and smart bottle. Its is pure Floral as the name suggest. For all the "Rose" lovers, this perfume is for you. The one is a mix of Rose and White Lilly.
  8. Dolce & Gabbana - There are many perfumes by this band and all are amazing. I have tried their recent perfume "Light Blue" which is extremely popular. It gives you a feel of a breezy, fresh aqua and mild citrus which makes it a perfect choice for summers. 
  9. Versace - Yellow Diamond, is the recent entrant in 2011 December. Ohh, I just love the bottle. The cap is actually big, bright & shiny like a diamond in Yellow color. The fragrance is also a very new combination. Neroli oil (oil from Orange Tree), Bergamot and Pear are the top notes while woody and musk are mildly infused.
  10. Burberry London - Classic old fragrance with a nice Burberry checkered designed bottle. For all the Jasmine lovers, this should be your first choice. It also has a citrus note because of tangerine and mild rose infused in it. 


I am sure all the readers of this post would like to know the price of the individual fragrances. However, I would want you all to go, try out in the market. Explore yourself, obviously internet is there but going to the mall is a better option. It might just make you crave for one or more.

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  1. Wonderful blog and excellent reviews, Neha. I wore RL "Romance" at my wedding. Yes, it's been around THAT long! It is still one of my favorites. I also like a couple of Irish perfumes: Inis and Frond. They are light, fresh and combine both floral and green notes. Although I enjoy perfume, I do not wear it at work. Many people have allergies and I don't want my fragrance to bother others.