The lack of “SENSITIVITY” in this shallow Society

by - 01:09

Everybody seems to be talking about the recent rape incident recently happened in the city. It continues to haunt every single lady who can ever think of an iron rod inside her genitals damaging her intestines. Are we so desperate for sex as a society that men on the road not only become rapists but also brutal?
What we lack is not the punishment or fear for raping women but actually an attitude. Yes, of-course we need much stronger punishments and a justice to prevail but what will happen after that?

What do we actually need in our society – Sensitivity towards each other is the ANSWER

This is running from generations to generations will continue how polished and educated we become. Spare the metros where the cases are getting reported at-least, why do we forget such cases happening in Ghaziabad, Muzzafarnagar, UP to be precise, interiors of Haryana. They are more dangerous. The world in these cities is completely 360 for someone like me who has experienced both the worlds. Chain snatching, House thefts, Rapes, Girl Child marriage prevails and society just shows a larger image – Oh we are so concerned!

Respect for woman in general is very much required. More than mother, sister or wife, she is a “Home-maker” – she may be housewife who looks with dedication after you and family. Or she may be “Working Professional” - who despite of contributing financially to the family intersects with cooking, care-taking of the house and the kids.

She requires your sensitive attitude – Help in the house, pamper her needs, understand her and talk to her. And for heaven sake stop looking at how our Dada, Dadi, Nana,  Nani or your Dad treat the ladies of the house and name it as family traditions. If you continue to do that, you belong to their generation. Women do not need “pity” since they are much capable of handling themselves. But they definitely need your support in everyday needs – Let her be – She does not want to cook – eat outside or you can also cook sometimes, she does not want to wear a sari – alternate it with a suit but never tell her “No” it does not go well in my family. It is very important to balance. When she will see this sensitivity in you, even she will reciprocate. And not run after going in the opposite direction of what you say - as many men feel!

This is how people in USA, UK and other developed countries behave with women. And definitely a fear of stronger punishment in case of heinous crimes is definitely a requirement. Either you are a rebel or a sufferer and most us women are not “rebel” despite being a breadwinner of the family. It is only because of “traditions” that mock on us.

This incidence especially has brought a concern for myself despite other such rapes in India and I feel I should value myself more than I do because only then people will value me. I, me, myself in the above line should be converted for every women I know.

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