Top Fragrances for HIM

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Now that we have seen "Must have perfumes for HER", let me write about some of the top fragrances for males as well. As I mentioned earlier that I am a perfume lover and it does not matter to me whether it is pour homme (for him) or pour femme (for her). And before I start writing about the brands and the products, here goes two tips the users:
  • Since guys have too many products to apply which have intense fragrance, they should avoid mixing of each other or use same brand for all the products. Such as talcum, after shave, deodorant and perfume.
  • Most of their perfumes are in the tones of musk or aqua, it should be applied moderately and not too much to avoid distraction to others because they are very intense.

Two people whom I have seen using perfumes regularly are my brother and husband. And out of their entire collection of perfume brands, below are some chosen fragrances (again, they are my preferences and it may vary from person to person)

  1. Armani Acqua di Gio - This is by-far my favorite perfume. And I must say that it is a classic old perfume selling like hotcake despite being little overpriced. But as they say, it has an "Armani" legacy behind it. The perfume has two contrasting notes - Citrus and Woody. It also gives a feeling of fresh aqua.
  2. Burberry Brit - It seems that citrus and musk is the best combination for male perfumes. Yes, even Burberry Brit has this combination. The notes are Musk, Cardamom, Ginger and Mandarin. 
  3. Bvlgari Aqva - Yes, I am spelling it right - It is Aqva. And if anyone of you wants to dive into a deep ocean then Aqva is one such perfume. It is definitely a summer perfume but smells great on freshly dry cleaned coats and sweaters.Citrus, Fruity and Oceanic are its top notes.
  4. CK Be and CK In2U - There are two perfumes I really like from Calvin Klein. While CK Be has an awesome sexy bottle , CK In2U has a medicine shaped bottle. CK Be has a unique combination of Mandarin (Citrus), Musk (Woody) and Peach (Fruity). CK In2U offers heavy citrus (Lemon & tomato leaf) with mild woody fragrance.
  5. Hugo Boss Just Different - This perfume as the name says is "just different". The combination is very unique with Mint, Basil and fresh leaves. Doesn't it seem very opposite to the masculine fragrance mentioned above but believe me it is good.
  6. Davidoff Cool Water - Same notes as Cool Water for females. Yet has got more masculine note with a pinch of extra citrus. Mr. Davidoff's perfume is very old and is one of the top preference by many office goers.

These were the top ones I have mentioned here however, the other bottles I see often in Rohan's (my husband's) cupboard are Gucci by Gucci, Nautica, Burberry Touch and Chrome by Azzaro.

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